Coaching Agreement

When entering a professional coaching relationship, it is important to define the responsibilities of all parties involved in the context of a desired outcome. While we do not prepare formal written contracts with our coachees, we do explicitly seek client agreement to terms in the following areas:

• Hopes, Intentions and Expectations

• Commitment and Ownership for the Process, Agenda and Outcomes

• Personal Objectives and Business Context

• Desired Outcomes, Goals and Definition of Success

• Learning Journal, Feedback and Evaluation

• Confidentiality

Once terms have been defined and agreed to by all parties involved, our coaching teams partner with the client teams in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to inspire and maximize personal and professional potential.

When coachees bring all of their personal resources to the discussion, insights through learning sessions can be very powerful. In preparation for sessions, coachees will be asked to reflect on and be ready to explore the following sorts of questions:

• What have you accomplished (since our last session)?

• What insights and/or discoveries have you had/made (since our last session)?

• What are you avoiding doing?

• What you are resisting?

• What are you struggling with?