Evolutionary Leadership

Evolutionary Leadership

Energizing the leadership abilities of individuals, teams and organizations begins with connecting deeply held values to a sense of purpose in serving others. This means working from the inside out to increase awareness, choice and clarity, then engaging intention and willpower to achieve meaningful objectives.

Our programmes provide powerful learning experiences that challenge and engage individuals and groups to reach their highest potential.

Companies today compete in markets that are globally interconnected, and therefore interdependent on the health of the global system. Survival and efficiency are no longer enough given the pace and uncertainty of changing economic, social and environmental conditions.

Leadership organizations must think globally and act locally in order to compete effectively on the world stage. Leaders must shift their economic and social paradigms from quantitative growth to qualitative contributions, and from hierarchy to personal response-ability.

In order to sustain and have a positive impact on the whole, it is imperative that leaders align the values and purpose of their organization from the inside out—not just with the demands of shareholders and the market, but with all stakeholders.

To help re-discover authentic values and reveal a sense of purpose among leadership at companies we partner with, our coaches are guided by our VARR Leadership model:

Values & Purpose + Envisioned Future = Strategy, Mission & Aligned Goals

Conscious understanding of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs—not wants—of your own, of others, of the environment

Mindfulness of the wellbeing of the system as a whole: individual, team, organization, culture, planet…

Personal empowerment to respond appropriately to uncertainty, change and complexity