Team Performance

Team Performance

Teams comprise individuals, so it is with the individual that teamwork must start. Our approach is based on seeking out what is effective for motivating and sustaining high performance, as well as what might be detrimental. Using an appreciative, strengths based approach we provide teams with a framework for a collective learning journey, assisting in the exploration of respective segments of a High-Performing Team model to understand specific behavioural strengths and development needs.

Our uniquely structured and integrated programmes enable growth energized by challenge. A structured challenge provides a powerful context for transformation, and the shared experience of navigating through together can have an immensely unifying effect on a team. By co-defining their vision for success, team members have the opportunity to align themselves as they move towards the future they are creating – the results are often profound and lasting.

Energy is the fuel of capacity and we help our clients—as individuals, teams and organisations—to understand, appreciate and manage themselves as interdependent energy systems.

Our emphasis is on bringing awareness to the dynamic and diverse contribution of every member to reveal how their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy significantly affects the functioning of the larger interdependent system.

We provide a framework to address behavioural, functional and process development through physical preparation, emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation and creative connection. Teams are guided to engage in dialogue to articulate performance objectives, map a realistic plan for change, identify parallel processes, and focus on meeting objectives by working together.