Discover Who you are; Connect that to Why you are; Do What is most important.

Discover WHO you are;

Connect to WHY you are;

Do WHAT is most important.

What Lao Tzu tells leaders is essentially this:

Discover who you are.
Learn to sense the world around you directly, and contemplate your impressions
Do not rely on ideologies, because to do so will rob your life of meaning and make you unfit to lead.
Cultivate and trust your intuition, because a leader who is not intuitive cannot predict change.
Build up your personal power (Te) though your awareness and knowledge of the
physical laws as they operate both in the universe and in the minds of others
(Tao) – then use that power to direct events, without resorting to force.

How is this done?

Use attitude instead of action, and lead others by guiding rather than ruling.

Manage people by letting them act on you, and not the other way around. In this way, your subjects will develop a sense of self-government, and you, as their guide, will be rewarded with their loyalty and cooperation.

Learn to achieve your ends meaningfully, yet without means.
Do this by cultivating a strong vision of the way things most naturally resolve themselves.

Practice simplicity.

Continue to grow.