Creativity = Courage, Learning and Growth

Making conscious choices and taking appropriate risk implies a willingness to walk towards what is uncomfortable and even fearful – there awaits our greatest learning

Present, Curious, Compassionate Connection

Living honestly and acting empathetically with all beings begins with the self and recognising one’s part of a bigger Self, being present to our own needs and feelings in every moment


Trust begins with trusting myself first


Compassionate observation without judgment; with curiosity, care, respect, and unconditional positive regard


Commitment, engagement and the freedom that comes with choice and personal responsibility

Realistic optimism

“Can Do” requires making and taking quality time with due focus – If it’s worth doing it’s worth taking the time and doing it really well and if it’s only worth 30 mins, only spend 30 mins.

Humour & Fun

Enjoying the journey with a Lightness of Being that comes with not needing to look good or be right instead just being fully present with an open mind


Keeping it simple and seeing the natural, universal order beneath the noise and chaos

Authenticity & Integrity

Being fully aware – noticing how I am, how I am with others and the impact I have.

Being who we truly are and doing what we do to the best of our ability